Sock Monkeys
Make Fun at House of Yes
Ridgewood, NY
March 11, 2008

Our Sock Monkey models for the evening.
Here's one pattern for a sock monkey: The small monkey above was made using this pattern. Here is another pattern: This pattern cuts the pieces so that the monkey will have a nice long tail and not such fat arms. The illustrations in the link show the original Rockford Red Heel socks, which can be purchased online, but you can use any kind of socks. Best choice is a sock with a different colored heel, toe, and top edge from the main body color of the sock. Tonight we are using large hunting socks.

First step: Turn one sock inside out and sew up the legs following the pattern.

Suz at the sewing machine.

Step two: Cut the legs apart and turn the sock right-side out.
One pair of socks makes one sock creature.
The second sock is cut into the other parts of the monkey: the tail, arms, mouth, ears and hat.

Devi sewing up the tail of her monkey.

Here are the parts turned right side out but not stuffed yet.

Two monkey bodies, once they have been stuffed and sewn closed at the crotch. This is what the first sock ends up looking like before you add the tail, mouth, ears and arms, which you cut from the second sock.

Here we are stuffing our monkeys with pillow fluff.

Bob the Sock Monkey is born!
The finishing touch is the button eyes.

SuzQ and Bob

Sock Monkeys love to pose for pictures.

Becky, Devi, and Suz with Sock Monkeys

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