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Click for passport photo comparison, at age 16 and 32.

Bill Plaides
Bill Plaides, family friend, with Becky at Bill's birthday party.
December 2001

Amelia and Ivana, Becky's cousins.
December 2001

80th Birthday Party
Becky's Grandma's 80th Birthday Party.
Left to Right: Cousin Bret Kight, Uncle Glenn, Aunt Cindy Mattingly, Dad Bernie Nordmann, Mom Vicki Nordmann, Grandma Mary Jo Knight, Brother Willie, Family Friend Sarah Hatton, Uncle Bert Kight, Family Friend Randy Hatton, Uncle Paul Mattingly, Front, Cousin Ivana Mattingly.

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Becky's mom Vicki and friends George and Jean in Louisville, KY
May 2001
photo by Becky

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Becky's dad Bernie, cleaning fish in Michigan
June 1999
photo by Becky

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Becky's mom Vicki in NYC
March 2000
photo by Becky

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Becky's brother Willie

Willie with a mohawk

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