Toby Cat Memorial Page
Aug 2006

Becky wears a helmet when she rides her bike
Brooklyn Bridge, NYC
January 2002

Paul, Urania, Crazy Legs Conti, and
BeckyParty at Santa Crawl
Thursday December 18, 2004

Jolea and Becky, November 2003

Becky Bunny photo by MFM

Becky in Pink Wig
Becky in Pink Wig
Big Twin and Kate's Co-habitation Party
May 2002

Ted, Greg, Michele and Becky
Lazy Sunday Brunch at Becky's Apartment
Brooklyn, NY
April 2002

Julianne, Milton, and Becky at Milton's Birthday Party
March 2002

Becky and disco guys
Becky partying with Jo Lance and Gil at Eugene, a club in Manhattan
January 2002

Jim Carter
Jimmy Carter in Seatle, WA
January 2002

big bell
Becky at South Street Seaport
May 2001
photo by MFM

pink dreads
Bill Storms partying in Hilo, Hawaii
December 2001

Bill Storms and the 5 kegs of beer that were consumed at his birthday party, Louisville, KY
April 2001

little dj
The littlest DJ. Bill taught this 2 year old how to scratch
May 2001

Becky and GirlGeo play in the snow in our backyard in Brooklyn
December 2000

Becky image
“Ropas iz kool, Becky iz kool”
graf by Ropas

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