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Mermaid Parade at Coney Island, NY
June 30, 2001

3 bikes
GirlGeo and Becky on our "fish bikes" and Luis on his "seahorse bike". We are standing in front of "The Yellow Submarine". Note the Blue Meanie on the back of the bus, I mean, submarine

mermaids image
Lovely mermaids riding on a funky little scaly car

clam 9
"Clam 9 From Outer Space"
Front (top) and back (bottom)
The guy on the back of the car was making space sounds and music for added special effects

blue feathery mermaids
Fabulous feathery blue mermaids

becky image
Mermaid Becky on her "fish bike"

Gang of Pirates on the back of a pick-up

Marching Mermaid

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